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Top five mum-to-be jewellery pieces

Finding out you’re pregnant is an exciting time and if you’re like us you’ll want to shout it from the rooftops.

And once you’ve had that first crucial scan you can tell as many people as you like.

However, some ways are a lot more stylish and cooler than running over to the nearest person, jumping up and down and telling them your news – not that we know anyone that would do that, ahem- and that’s with a fashionable piece of jewellery.

Over the past few years companies have woken up and realised that mums-to-be want to show off their expectant status as well as have a keepsake to remember their nine months by.

And this has resulted in some gorge ranges from bracelet charms to printed pendant necklaces.

We’ve had a little look and found some of our faves, which as always you can see in the gallery below.

 Mum to be Charm, £45, Links of London
Jazzy Beads – Mum to Be Bracelet, £5.45, Mum Stuff
New mummy silver stork necklace, £25, Love Lulabula
Footprint charm necklace with personalised names, £20, Stampsational
Forever Pendant, £79, Babes with Babies. Pendant engraved with quote by Elizabeth Stone: “Being a mother is to have your heart forever walk around outside your body”.

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