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Cantaloop maternity bra claimed to last from the third trimester right through to the breastfeeding stage

Cantaloop White Nursing Bra- Mother NursingNursing bras are a necessity if you’re planning to breastfeed, and there’s a huge range of good ones out there.

However, one company is now claiming to have come up with a bra that will last you from the third stage of your pregnancy right through breastfeeding.

The Cantaloop bra is also claimed to be comfortable enough to sleep in and most importantly  requires no specialist fitting.

It’s been developed by TYTEX, a company that creates medical textiles, and is said to adapt to your changing body as a result of the soft and elasticated fibres that have been created by the firm.

According to the blurb the nursing bras are designed to adapt to the changing breast size, from growth in the third trimester through to nursing when the breast sizes can change individually by up to two cup sizes.

They also have a drop-cup design and adjustable straps with a clip/unclip system which means you can easily unclip to feed with one hand.

There are four Cantaloop sizes to choose from,which the company says will fit  more than 95 percent of all bust dimensions without the need for underwires or stiff fabrics. The two larger sizes also have removable shoulder supports for a firmer fit.

All you have to do is pop online, check which size to you are on the company’s chart, and pop down to your local Boots to pick it up.

The bra costs £24, which is pricey, but if it does what it claims then we think it’s more than worth it.

Have you bought one of these bras? Leave your comments below and let us know what your experiences have been.

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